Hey, thanks for stopping by. All music on this site can be downloaded either under a Free (CC) License or a Standard License. If you use the music and credit me in your project (YouTube video, podcast), you get an MP3 file and it’s free. If you can’t or don’t want to credit me, you’ll have to buy a Standard License. Check out the license terms for more info.

Free (Creative Commons) license

Can I really just use your music for free?

Absolutely! But remember, you have to credit me with a link to https://johnbartmann.com/ in order to uphold the Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 agreement. View details of this agreement here.

If you are unwilling or unable to credit me for any reason, you’ll be able to purchase a license by contacting me directly.

Do I need to ask your permission to use your music in my projects?

No, but you do need to uphold the license agreement by crediting me in the description of your project.

How exactly do I credit you?

Add the following link to the description section of your project:

Music by John Bartmann https://johnbartmann.com/

An actual link is better than a plain-text mention in order to be ranked higher on search engines. If you are using the music for an offline project (eg home video, powerpoint presentation), please add the above line of credit to the contents of your video.

Can I monetize my YouTube videos?


Pro license

How do I purchase a pro license?

Navigate to the track you want and click “Get License”. You’ll be able to download the audio file (WAV/Flac + MP3). An optional license certificate and an invoice made out to the holder of your choice will be mailed to you within 24 hours.

Why should I buy a license when I can download the music for free?

1. Paid music downloads are 48kHz 24-bit WAV/Flac format. Free downloads are MP3 format.

2. For free downloads, you must provide credit. If you’re unwilling or unable to, you must buy a pro license. These are the terms of the CC BY-ND 3.0 license. Failure to either provide credit or purchase a license renders you subject to copyright litigation.

3. You are providing me with my entrepreneurial livelihood, some of which is used to conduct my social work here in the townships of South Africa.

If I buy a license, am I able to re-use the music multiple times?

Yes, provided you’re the main content creator and copyright holder. If you’re creating projects for other clients, you’ll need to purchase a new license for each client.

Am I able to specify a license holder other than myself?

Yes, during the purchase process you will be able to input the relevant license holder and invoice details yourself.

Do I need to credit you if I purchase a pro license?

No, crediting me is optional when you buy a pro license.


Can I remix or use your music in my own song?

No. The music on this site has been created as backing music for video, podcast and multimedia projects. Using any music downloaded off this site (both free and paid) to create your own song is strictly not allowed and will be treated as a violation of copyright. You may, however, loop and edit the downloaded files in order to fit the length of your video or podcast segment.

Can I edit the music in any way?

You may edit the length of the audio, apply filters, effects, fades and even loop the audio if you like. However, you may not use it as a backing track for your own song lyrics or adapt it to make your own song out of it.

Can I use your music in my podcast?

Yes, I especially love being involved in creating audio dramas. Bur remember to include the following link in the description of the podcast:

Music by John Bartmann https://johnbartmann.com/

Can you compose music for my project?

Sure, you can contact me with a proposal to score your advert, game, app, podcast, video or other project. Understand that freelance rates will apply, and due to lack of time I might have to ignore suggestions on any other form of payment.

Can I submit my own music to be published?

Nope, sorry.

Payment & Technical

How do I pay?

PayPal or credit card.

Am I able to download music on an iPad or iPhone?

No, you’ll need to use a desktop computer or laptop.


I have a question you didn’t answer here

OK, contact me directly.