Alibi: True Crime Radio Show (SAFM)

by John Bartmann
Alibi: True Crime Radio Show (SAFM)

Alibi is a South African radio show by award-winning journalist Paul McNally. The story follows the case of a man who may have been wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years. The story, which begins in Johannesburg in 1994 and tracks the case to the present day, was originally aired in 2017 on SAFM over the course of eight weekly episodes.

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Presented by: Freddy Mabitsela & Paul McNally
Additional production and music composed by: John Bartmann
Mixed by: Kutlwano Serame
Additional scripting by: Elna Schutz
Editorial help by: Tom McNally, Gavin Haynes and Kyla Herrmannsen
Editorial oversight by: Franz Kruger & Nooshin Erfani

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