West in Africa | Podcast Music

by John Bartmann

West in Africa is a medium fast, royalty-free African podcast music track. Its Mood is upbeat, happy, uplifting and exciting, while the Instrumentation includes acoustic-guitar, skin-drums, hand-claps and woodblock. My Suggested usage is for childrens’ activity, festivity and team-building moments.


Free podcast music, just credit me!

So, all music on this site is copyright-protected under the CC BY ND 3.0 license. While you may download and use the files for free in your YouTube video, app, podcast, animation or other multimedia project on condition, you have to provide the following credit in the description of your project:

Music by John Bartmann http://johnbartmann.com/

If you can’t or don’t want to credit me, you’ll have to get a license for this track. And finally, thanks for downloading!