There’s a street book market that leaves its books out in the open every night. Why? Because, they say, readers don’t steal and thieves don’t read. I believe that here in South Africa, education is the key element in solving so many social problems. My primary aim is to capture the enthusiasm of young, artistically talented people and assist in the upliftment of marginalized social groups through music composition and industry education.

Social change comes about when the economy is stimulated. With or without South Africa’s unique history, my aim in hosting music events in certain township areas is to attract a new class of clientele and to demonstrate the potential of future investment in the area by introducing South Africans who might not have otherwise met.

With the support of the Guga S’Thebe Cultural Centre (funded by the City of Cape Town), I work with local talent in Langa township to produce the next generation of music sensations! My background in jazz, rock and electronic music and my conversational Xhosa language skills and my interest in emerging musical genres make me a good candidate for the task. In an artist, I look for humility and hard work before any other attributes.