Choon | Blockchain Music Streaming Platform

Choon is a blockchain-powered beta music streaming platform. Like traditional streaming models (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play), listeners may stream and create public playlists. Choon uses blockchain technology to transparently track artists statistics while also providing earning incentive for creators of playlists.

How does it work?

Choon allows ad-free streaming of full songs by registered artists, who earn Ethereum-based NOTES tokens for plays of their work.

Who pays?

Currently, the startup itself is footing the bill and all music is freely available (but when the platform reaches 50,000 new artist signups, ads will run). Artists are paid in Ethereum-based NOTES tokens per stream.

What’s different about it?

New artists should submit only original music with no previous copyright history. No artists with exclusive record contracts will be allowed to submit music. Choon has made it clear that the company is only interested in undiscovered artists. Or as founder Gareth Emery puts it,“I don’t care about having The Beatles. I want the Ed Sheeran that’s still busking on the street, who hasn’t done a 360° record deal where he’s signed his life away.”

As a result, close to 100% of the artists on the platform are undiscovered. For now. The platform has declared that it will provide free music streaming until it reaches a limit of 50,000 new artist signups, at which point either an ad-supported or subscription model will be available to listeners.

Artists are able to split their revenue with playlist creators by any amount they choose. This creates incentive for playlist creators to earn a percentage of the incoming streams.

Who is it for?

EDM and hip hop seem to be dominating the user-created playlists at the moment. Gareth Emery is a globally recognized DJ and a network of DJs and electronic music producers dominate the platform. Choon advisor David Hyman is a former CEO of the now-defunct platforms Beats Music and MOG, and also of Gracenote, so loads of new hop-hop artists are being recruited. However, this trend is likely more a result of early marketing efforts to Emery’s fanbase than deliberate genre exclusion.

Listeners to Choon during this, its first year of operations, are currently incentivized by full, ad-free listening. In other words, if you’re not looking for any specific artist but rather seeking to discover new music by genre, Choon is currently a better deal than Spotify. The subscription model scheduled to kick in in 2019 will be around 50% the price of Spotify.

Why check it out?

The seed capital of £100,000 ($131,600) was privately funded by Gareth Emery and development on Choon started before the ICO hit the market. Better than a bunch of promises and waiting for an email. The site is easy to navigate and features a built-in player, allowing you to browse while listening. The artist signup process is straightforward and if music discovery is your thing, the selection of unsigned artists is growing daily. You can earn as a playlist creator.

My best pick?

A-Q is a Nigerian rapper. Pretty cool classic hip hop sound. Check it out

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